Product Life Cycle

The product life cycle describes the scope of support that is provided for SOS products starting from General Availability up to the End of Life.
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Product Maintenance

Maintenance covers defect support, build and installation support and long term support for SOS products.
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Support Options

Customers with commercial licenses benefit from a number of support options that provide quick access to the SOS Ticket System, resources, and options for contact to SOS GmbH support team. Customers are guaranteed service levels including response times.

See our detailed information on Support Options.

Standard Support

Standard Support for Product Maintenance, Defect Support, New Releases with Support Priority on minor, major and production standstill issues.
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24/7 Support

24/7 Support for issues related to incidents (Defect/Bug) with Support Priority on production standstill.
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Long Term Support

Support option on top of Standard Support or 24/7 Support to prolong the delivery of maintenance releases up to three years starting from the last public maintenance release.
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Service Request Support

Service Request Support is available on top of Standard Support or 24/7 Support and provides answers to customer questions, advice on configuration issues, build and installation support and coaching on best practices.
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