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How to license

On-Premises Licensing

On-premises licensing means, that you are operating JS7 JobScheduler in your own IT environment. JS7 JobScheduler is available with a dual licensing model, you can either choose a Commercial License or use the Open Source License:

Commercial License Models

  • Perpetual license for JS7 JobScheduler Controller, JOC Cockpit and Agents
    • This model includes a one-time fee for the license and allows unlimited job execution with  Agents.
  • Subscription license for JS7 JobScheduler Controller, JOC Cockpit and Agents
    • Subscriptions are available on a yearly basis.
    • Minimum contract duration is two years.
  • Pay-per-use license for Agents
    • This model counts the number of successful job executions independently of the number of installed Agents.
    • This model is available for Agents only, for the JS7 JobScheduler Controller a perpetual or subscription license applies.

Customers with a commercial license benefit from the Standard Support and guaranteed service levels. Further they can choose from a number of supplementary Support Options such as 24/7 Support, Service Request Support and Long Term Support. For holders of a commercial license services are offered, e.g. Training Service.

Open Source License

  • Unlimited use of JS7 JobScheduler Controller and JOC Cockpit
  • High Availability is not available to use the clustering mode with all JS7 JobScheduler components.

Users of the open source license have access to public Community Resources. Services are not offered with the open source license.

Off-Premises Licensing

Off-premises licensing means that the infrastructure for the scheduling environment is cloud based. The infrastructure is set up and maintained by the SOS team. You have the choice of the service levels. For cloud based operation the following license models are available:

Cloud Hosting Service

  • Hosting service fee for JS7 JobScheduler Controllerand JOC Cockpit
  • Subscription license for JS7 JobScheduler Agents

Customers of the Cloud Hosting Service benefit from a fully functional scheduling infrastructure in the cloud, while managing their own jobs. Customers of the hosting service have full access to the available support options and services offered.

Cloud Managed Service

  • Managed service fee
  • Initial set-up fee

Customers of the Cloud Managed Service benefit from a full service that requires no in-house scheduling team or on-premises scheduling environment. The full service is set up for your individual scheduling requirements. The service is delivered by the SOS team and includes: installation, operation, monitoring and intervention.