JobScheduler Documentation

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Available Formats

Documentation is available in the following formats:

  • XML, uses XSLT for display with IE starting with 5.5, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
  • PDF, preferably used for printer friendly layout

Getting Started -  Architecture

We recommend you start by reading the following introduction:

in which the architecture of the JobScheduler and its mode of operation are explained.

Getting Started - Tutorials

We have started a series of tutorials to help provide an introduction to running JobScheduler jobs and orders.

Installation and Configuration

JOE (JobScheduler Object Editor) Documentation

We provide the following tutorial for developers who write documentation for their jobs:

JID (JobScheduler Information Dashboard) Documentation (deprecated)

Provides an overview of jobs planned and those that have successfully been completed.

Implementation of Jobs Using the JobScheduler API

These documents are intended for job developers, you do not need to read the documents in order to be able to configure automated job starts for executable programs and scripts.

Advanced Topics

More complex job scheduling scenarios are explained in the following documents: