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Compare Licenses

Compare Commercial License with Open Source License

SOS provides JobScheduler and the JS7 JobScheduler Add-on YADE with a dual licensing model. This means that our products are available with an Open Source License (GPLv3)  and a Commercial License for enterpise customers who require more advanced features. The comparison matrix helps you to understand the difference between the licenses.


Topics Users with Open Source License Commercial License Holders
Source Code  

Same as for commercial license holders.

JS7 JobScheduler and YADE are open source products, the source code is the same for the Open Source License and the Commercial License.

Full Functionality

Full product functionality as for commercial license holders. Any number of parallel tasks can be executed with a JS7 JobScheduler Agent and the Open Source License.

Not available: high availability of the JS7 product components when used with the Open Source License.

The same product functionality is available with the Open Source License and the Commercial License.

Customers with a Commercial License have the advantage that the JS7 product components can be clustered for high availability.

Ongoing Support

Limited assistance is available from community resources.

Customers with a commercial license are supported directly by the SOS support team.

Customers get access to the SOS Ticket System for product support and other supplementary support they have booked.

Supplementary Support

Not available

Customers with commercial licenses can book supplementary Support Options, such as Service Request Support, Long Term Support and 24/7 Support.


Not available

Commercial service for requirements management and business-IT alignment. Elaboration and optimization for process-oriented workflows.


Not available

Commercial service for customers. Offered are different training topics, e.g. operations training, installation training, job management training and more.

Upgrade Service  

Not available

The SOS assists with upgrading JS7 JobScheduler and YADE to new versions.

Migration of Legacy Products  

Not available

SOS provides Migration Services based on customers' requirements. We have successfully completed migration projects from Cron®, Control-M® and Tivoli® Workload Scheduler, CA Unicenter TNG® etc. to JS7 JobScheduler.

Migration Services include the analysis, planning and conversion of jobs and job dependencies.

Feature Development  

Not available

Commercial service for customers that require additional features for JS7 JobScheduler or YADE.

JS7 JobScheduler Controller  


The Controller processes jobs, workflows and orders and takes care of schedules for an accurate timing of job starts.

JOC Cockpit  


The JOC Cockpit provides automatically updated near real-time information that can be accessed from a web browser.

JS7 JobScheduler Universal Agent  


The Universal Agent requires zero configuration. All configuration items are managed by the JS7 JobScheduler Controller.

Platform Coverage

Same as for commercial license holders.

JS7 JobScheduler Controller is available for Windows and Linux.

The JS7 JobScheduler Universal Agent is platform independent and can be operated on any platform that provides a Java Virtual Machine.

Central Operation

Same as for commercial license holders.

Jobs can be configured centrally on a JS7 JobScheduler Controller for execution with Agents. Each Controller instance is managed by an individual or by a common JOC Cockpit instance.

Agents are controlled by a single or by a number of JS7 JobScheduler Controller instances.

Job Execution

Same as for commercial license holders.

Run jobs directly with JS7 Agents.

Agentless Scheduling

Same as for commercial license holders.

Perform Agentless Scheduling with SSH.

License Modes

Open Source License

Users who purchased a Commercial License can use clustering of JS7 product components for high availability.

Trial license keys for JS7 JobScheduler high availability can be obtained by mailing to: