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Architecture Review

Perfect Design for JS7 JobScheduler Architecture

Learn how to design the perfect JS7 JobScheduler architecture for your company. A properly designed architecture will save you costs and guarantee smooth and efficient operations. By choosing our Architecture Review service you will fully benefit from our experience, since we assist you step by step to cover all aspects that are relevant for a successful high availability Architecture Design, such as:

  • Passive clustering: optimal and resilient deployment strategies for JS7 JobScheduler and Agents, including measures for operational robustness.
  • Backup and fail-over management: sizing of target environments and failover capabilities in case of outages
  • High Availability and fault tolerance: resilience and redundancy provide high-availability of JS7 JobScheduler for a number of outage scenarios
  • Recovery Strategies, Disaster Recovery Planning JS7 JobScheduler
  • Review of jobs and dependencies