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Partner Program

Partnership Options

Product Reseller

Resellers act on behalf of their customers, purchasing product licenses, product maintenance and services from the SOS. In exchange for this, resellers receive a discount.

OEM Partners

OEMs are independent companies that package SOS products together with their own and deliver these as a bundle to their customers. The OEM pays annual OEM and product maintenance fees to the SOS for the right to sell SOS products to their customers.

Sales Partners

Partners are independent companies that have chosen SOS products for their portfolio. With a partner contract they are entitled to sell product licenses for SOS products and also provide product maintenance and services to their customers. Partners act with focus on a specific area (e.g. country, region), they generate their own leads and take care of all sales for licenses, product maintenance and services. Partners pay the SOS a share of the licenses, product maintenance and services they have sold.

Authorized Partners

SOS has authorized sales partners for the following countries:

  • India
  • Japan
  • Uruguay

For more information about Sales Partners please contact our sales department.