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Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations

This operating mode includes to use JS7 JobScheduler products from the cloud, optionally using JS7 Agents from a hybrid environment.

  • All JS7 products are available from container images for Docker®, Kubernetes®, OpenShift® etc.
    • JS7 JOC Cockpit is the user interface that is accessible for web browsers and that ships with the REST API Service.
    • JS7 Controller orchestrate Agent containers for job execution in the cloud.
    • JS7 Agents execute jobs and workflows autonomously.
  • In addition, users can deploy JS7 Agents for execution of jobs to their on-premises environment, see On-premises Operation.

Cloud Setup

JS7 products can be operated from standalone instances in the cloud. In addition, JS7 products can be set up as a cluster for high availability which includes to deploy

  • to different availability zones,
  • using a cloud database service for one of the supported DBMS (MariaDB®, MySQL®, Oracle®, PostgreSQL®, SQL Server®).
  • Clustering of JS7 products is subject to the Commercial License.

Cloud Setup for JOC Cockpit and Controller Availability


Consider that JS7 brings its own passive cluster for JOC Cockpit and Controller to support automatic fail-over. Use of container replicas is not a replacement for the clustering of JS7 products.

Agents can be added to a cloud environment from standalone instances and they can be operated from high availability clusters:

Cloud Setup for Agent High availability


Hybrid Use of Agents

Users can set up a virtual private cloud that allows network access from a JS7 Controller hosted in the cloud to Agents operated in the user's on-premises environment.

Hybrid Use of Agents