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Product Maintenance



  • Support Options are provided within the scope of the Product Maintenance terms below.


  • Ongoing Product Maintenance is provided with the Commercial License. This includes access to the SOS Ticket System and to the support team who perform root cause analysis and provide workarounds if possible.
  • Product Maintenance is not available with the Open Source License. However, users of this license have access to public maintenance releases. A Public Ticket System is available that receives responses from a community effort.

General Terms

Product Maintenance is a service for customers that provides bug-fixes and vulnerability fixes from the General Availability date through to the Last Public Maintenance Release: see Product Life Cycle for more information. See detailed information with this document: Product Maintenance Services.


  • Product Maintenance provides customers with maintenance releases after the General Availability date up to the end of the Maintenance Period.
  • Should a critical error be detected in a release during its maintenance period then the SOS will fix that bug in a way that does not require full testing of the release. Testing can be limited to the bug-fix. In such cases the SOS will apply the bug-fix to the next maintenance release and will provide a patch in case of a severe problem.

Charging Model

Defect Support

  • Analysis and resolution of defects in the products and documentation is provided.
  • Workarounds are communicated if applicable.

Build and Installation Support

  • Support for customers to build binaries from source code​.

Long Term Support

  • Support option to prolong the Product Maintenance of a release (one year after General Availability) up to three years starting from the Last Public Maintenance Release.
  • SOS chooses one release yearly for Long Term Support.

New Releases

  • Offer bug-fixes, vulnerability-fixes including fixes for 3rd-party vulnerabilities and new features that become available.
  • Include support for newer versions of the system environment, for example operating system, DBMS.