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Product Maintenance



  • Support Options are provided within the scope of the Product Maintenance terms below.


General Terms

Product Maintenance is a service for all customers that provides bug-fixes from the General Availability date through to the Last Public Maintenance Release: see also the Product Life Cycle article for more information. See detailed information with this document: Product Maintenance Services



  • Product Maintenance provides customers with releases after the General Availability date up to the end of the Maintenance Period.
  • Should a critical error be detected in a release during its maintenance period then the SOS would fix that bug in a way that does not require complete testing of the release. Testing could be reduced to the bug-fix, instead of a full test of the scheduling environment. In such cases the SOS would apply the bug-fix to the latest minor version of that release, e.g. 1.7.3.

Charging Model

Defect Support

  • Analysis and resolution of product and documentation defects are provided.
  • Workarounds are communicated if applicable.

Build and Installation Support

  • Support for customers to build binaries from source code​

Long Term Support

  • Support option to prolong the product maintenance of a release (one year after General Availability) up to three years starting from the Last Public Maintenance Release.
  • SOS defines one release yearly for Long Term Support Long Term Support.

New Releases

  • Access to new features and components that become available
  • Support for system environment updates (operating system, DBMS)