The JobScheduler in a Nutshell

Presentation on JobScheduler Topics

The product presentation 'JobScheduler in a Nutshell' provides an overview of key JobScheduler topics.

  • Architecture: JobScheduler components, supported platforms and databases, as well as security
  • Use Cases: describes some real-world scenarios for which JobScheduler has been implemented
  • Features: user and programming interfaces and some key features of JobScheduler
  • High Availability: samples of Agent and Master Clusters

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Download the full presentation: JobScheduler in a Nutshell (pdf)


Excerpts from the Presentation



Architecture: Components

JobScheduler components consist of JobScheduler Master (process objects), JobScheduler Universal Agent (execute jobs on any machine in the network) and the User Interfaces: JOC Cockpit (operating and monitoring in near real-time) and JOE (graphical editor).



Architecture: Platforms

The JobScheduler Master, JOC Cockpit and Web Service is available for Windows and Linux platforms. The JobScheduler Universal Agent can be operated on Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS and any platform that supports a Java Virtual Machine.



Features: JOC Cockpit

JOC Cockpit, the JobScheduler Operations Center GUI for browsers brings a completely new user experience - it features highlights such as security, responsive design and near real-time information. Find a full list of Features.