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The JS7 JobScheduler in a Nutshell

JS7 JobScheduler Key Topics

The JS7 JobScheduler in a Nutshell (pdf) presentation will give you an overview of the most important JS7 JobScheduler topics. You will find excerpts from the presentation below.

JS7 JobScheduler allows you to optimize and to increase your performance by automating IT tasks and file transfers (FTPS, SFTP etc.) thanks to a unique user interface which facilitates the creation, administration and supervision of your scheduling environment in real time.

With JS7 you can automate complex workflows for execution of business processes.

JS7 is designed to meet the requirements of complex IT infrastructures and to ensure a scalable and agile approach. You take control of your environment and gain security, productivity and performance.

The JS7 JobScheduler provides unlimited performance for your IT environment while consuming minimum resources:

  • Managing +200 000 workflow definitions and +1 000 000 job definitions,
  • Executing +60 000 tasks in parallel,
  • Executing +30 000 000 Tasks in 24 hours.


JS7 products consist of the JS7 JOC Cockpit user interface for inventory management, monitoring & control, the JS7 Controller to orchestrate Agents and the JS7 Agents which execute jobs and workflows on supported platforms.

JS7 products


The JS7 products are available for

  • cloud operation from Containers for Docker®, Kubernetes®, OpenShift® etc.
  • on-premises operation for Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®, macOS® etc.

JS7 Platforms


The JS7 JOC Cockpit user interface brings a new user experience to your browser, featuring highlights such as security, responsive design and near real-time information. Find a full list of Features.

JS7 Dashboard