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Download JobScheduler

  • These downloads listed below include separate packages for new installation, upgrades and updates.
  • The downloads are available for Windows as zip files & for Linux as tar files and include a Java installer.


  • From release 1.12.3: JobScheduler for Linux can be operated with a Java Runtime Environment 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 including Oracle JRE/JDK and OpenJDK.
  • From release 1.12: the Calendar Management and File Transfer History are included with the JOC Cockpit.
  • From release 1.11: the JOC Cockpit and REST Web Services are available from a separate download file.
  • From release 1.10: the JobScheduler Master is available for Windows/Linux, the Universal Agent is available for all platforms.
  • From release 1.9: an Oracle Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or newer is required.
  • From release 1.6.4043: compiled set-ups for SPARC Solaris are not available.
  • From release 1.6.4041: an Oracle Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or newer is required.
  • Release is the last JobScheduler Master release for AIX 5.3.
  • Release is the last JobScheduler Master release for Open Solaris.
    • The JobScheduler Universal Agent is available for Open Solaris from Release 1.10 onwards.
  • From release 1.3.11: Windows 2000 and XP(SP1) are no longer supported.
  • From release 1.3.7: an Oracle Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or newer is required.
  • From release 1.3.7: compiled set-ups for Solaris and AIX are only available for commercial license holders.

JOE (the JobScheduler Object Editor) and JID (the JobScheduler Information Dashboard) are included with the JobScheduler installation packages and will be installed with the JobScheduler.

Release Notes


​JobScheduler Last Public Maintenance Release 1.12.9 (2019-04-15)

​JobScheduler Last Public Maintenance Release 1.11.7 (2018-03-28)

​JobScheduler Long Term Support Maintenance Release 1.10.11 (2018-12-11)

JobScheduler Long Term Support Maintenance Release 1.9.14 (2018-11-29)


Older Releases

Download the Sources

Download the Documentation

Download the XML Editor

  • The XML Editor can be used for JobScheduler XML configuration

JobScheduler is available from SourceForge 

JobScheduler on SourceForge
Download JobScheduler from SourceForge