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Long Term Support

Support Option:  Long Term Support

Long Term Support is a supplementary Support Option on top of the Standard Support or 24/7 Support Options. Long Term Support prolongs delivery of maintenance releases for up to three years starting from the last public maintenance release: see also Product Life Cycle.

Target Audience

  • SOS provides this service to customers who run SOS products in a stable production environment.
  • SOS is aware of the fact that companies with large data centers and proven IT processes for change management would not necessarily adhere to the well-known open source paradigm, "release early, release often". Instead, such companies often operate with product release cycles that are as long as possible - which can translate to, "as long as it doesn't break".


  • Long Term Support provides enterprise customers with bug-fixes after the Last Public Maintenance Release up to the End Of Life.
  • Source code for all components for the Last Public Maintenance Release is maintained up to the End of Life.
  • Should a critical error be detected in a Last Public Maintenance Release then SOS would fix that bug in a way that does not require complete testing of the release. Testing can be reduced to the bug-fix instead of a full test of the scheduling environment. In such cases SOS will apply the bug-fix to the latest minor version of that release.
  • Long Term Support is available for max. three years after the last public maintenance release.
  • SOS defines one release per year that is available for Long Term Support.

Charging Model

  • This support option is available in addition to the Standard Support for Product Maintenance.
  • We charge for this support option based on a share of the yearly product license fee. Our goal is to keep maintenance fees for customers with standard requirements as low as possible and to provide such additional services to enterprise customers that require longer product life cycles.