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Compare JobScheduler With Cron

Compare with Cron

The JobScheduler provides Cron administrators that want to move up to a more advanced solution with a tool that that will make their jobs easier to manage and more reliable. JobScheduler is simple to install and requires only a database and a Java Virtual Machine. In addition, it offers a number of features that will be of particular interest to Cron users, for example an automated conversion procedure for Crontabs. Check the comparison table below which shows the JobScheduler features most relevant to Cron users alongside those provided by Cron.

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Feature Description
Automated Crontab Conversion

Save time and reduce errors by automatically converting your Cron jobs to JobScheduler ... Read More

Standard scheduling functions

Simplify and rationalize your job scheduling calendar with reusable schedules, run-times and time-slots ... Read More

Reusable standard jobs

Simplify and rationalize your job management through the use of generic jobs and reusable objects such as schedules to configure similar tasks ... Read More

Job chains and workflows

Speed up job processing and make jobs more reliable and simpler to manage by specifying job chains and workflows - i.e. a series or other pattern in which jobs should be executed ... Read More

Complex job dependencies

Configure dependencies between jobs and across job chains and workflows ... Read More

Job queuing

Optimize processing speed and reliability by queuing jobs that are scheduled to start until resources becomes available ... Read More


Run a job at regular intervals to see if an event such as the arrival of a file in a specific folder has occurred (this method is inefficient to manage and consumes CPU and memory) ...

File watching

Monitor one or more folders to see if a file has arrived before starting an operation (this method is more efficient to manage than polling and uses few resources) ... Read More

Steady state checking

Improve reliability by checking that large files arriving in monitored folders have been completely downloaded before additional operations are started ... Read More

Automatic notifications

Automatically send notifications such as e-mails according to the results of a job such as 'successful', 'failed' ... Read More

Text-based job editing

Continue to use your favorite text editor to configure jobs ... Read More

GUI-based job management

Use a GUI to configure and run jobs ... Read More

Centralized logging

Automatically bring log information from any number of servers together to a central point ... Read More

Job history

Easily monitor job history information (which jobs will run, which have run, their execution results, etc.) ... Read More

Maintenance windows

Prevent jobs running during a specified time period - for system maintenance, for example - and then restart them in a reliable manner ... Read More