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Product Life Cycle

Life Cycle Phases


General Availability

  • The General Availability release is the first release with a given major or minor version number, i.e. version 1.7.0 which replaces version 1.6.x.
  • Ongoing maintenance releases for major / minor versions are counted as 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.7.3 etc.. From version 1.7.0 onwards, and in contrast with practice up to and including version 1.6.x, maintenance releases will not include improvements or new features but will be restricted to bug-fixes, ensuring that compatibility of a release to its predecessor will be as close as possible.

End of Maintenance Announcement

  • SOS announces the date of the Last Public Maintenance Release approx. 6 months in advance.
  • Last Public Maintenance Release: this date marks the end of Product Maintenance for a release. After this date bug-fixes will only be provided for applicable releases and for customers who have subscribed to Long Term Support.

End of Life

  • Bug-fixes for a release will not be provided after this date.
  • End of Life may also be triggered when the operating system which the product is running on is no longer supported by the original manufacturer.
  • Customers with an ongoing support contract can benefit from 1st and 2nd level support (root cause analysis, configuration issues etc.). However, 3rd level support (code modifications) will not be provided.
  • See Product Maintenance and Long Term Support

Further Information

More technical information is available from our product knowledge base: