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Implementation Service


We specialize in finding solutions to meet individual customer requirements and are pleased to implement the JobScheduler according to your needs. We integrate the JS7 JobScheduler into your business workflows and customize the scheduling environment for complex job dependencies and event processing. We guarantee a solution within time and budget. This service is provided as after-sales service for commercial license holders.

JS7 JobScheduler Implementation

  • Development of individual jobs according to customer requirements in languages such as Shell Script, JavaScript and PowerShell and with DBMSs such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Implementation of complex job dependencies ensuring operational readiness, high availability and redundancy for the customers' JobScheduler environment.
  • Typical implementation tasks include:
    • setting-up a fail-safe architecture for high availability,
    • clustering the system for scalability,
    • managing job maintenance windows,
    • adding complex backward job dependencies, for example, based on external events,
    • providing a complex locking behavior for mutual exclusive jobs and workflows,
    • adding automated error handling for jobs.

YADE Implementation

  • Seting up YADE, providing file transfer configurations, configuring YADE for network zones (jump host). Implementation for file transfer protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV and HTTP.
  • Management of public/private key authentication.
  • Usage of the YADE API package