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Migration Service

Upgrading SOS Products

Upgrading Tasks

Our upgrading services include:

  • Planning the upgrade,
  • Compatibility check and identification of deprecated features and their replacements in newer product releases,
  • Improvement of existing job implementation for better performance,
  • Testing job dependencies,
  • Elaboration of a fall-back scenarios,
  • Go-Live Support.

Migration of Legacy Products

SOS migration services are tailored to meet the customers' requirements. We have successfully completed migration projects to JS7 JobScheduler from systems such as Control-M®, Tivoli® Workload Scheduler, CA Unicenter TNG® etc. Migration Services include the analysis, planning and conversion of jobs and job dependencies. Migration is provided as part of our after-sales services for commercial license holders.

Migration Tasks

  • Typical migration tasks include:
    • Analysis of job dependencies
    • Visualization of job dependencies and structured documentation
    • Conversion of jobs and job dependencies
    • Automated testing
  • Migration services are specific to individual products such as:
    • Cron, Windows® Taskplaner
    • CA® TNG® Unicenter®, Cronacle®, Autosys®
    • Control-M®, Tivoli® Workload Scheduler and more
  • Depending on the legacy product SOS provides:
    • Migration strategies to the JS7 JobScheduler
    • Features for compatible operation of existing job dependencies
  • Migration Services are not restricted to the JS7 JobScheduler:
    • SOS possesses substantial migration know how and can target other job scheduling products than the JS7 JobScheduler