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Commercial License

Commercial Licensing

Flexible License Models

Benefit from highly flexible commercial license models. Choose the licensing best suited for your particular needs: perpetual licenses, subscription licenses and pay-per-use licenses are available.

For detailed information on pricing of commercial licenses send an e-mail to request information on license models



Perpetual Licenses
Pay-per-use Licenses
Subscription Licenses
Target Group and Benefits

Organizations with a high volume of jobs to execute.

Organizations that plan to use the software for a longer period of time.

Organizations that want to use any number of JS7 Agents, but only want to execute a few jobs per Agent.

The Pay-per-use license will reduce license cost if the job volume is low.

Organizations that want the flexibility of a shorter commitment.

Organizations that want to start with a low entry cost.


Perpetual Commercial Licenses for JS7 Controller and JS7 Agent are valid for an unrestricted period of time.

Perpetual licenses may be used even if the support has been termin­ated.

Access to the SOS Ticket System for Standard Support, additional Support Options and After-sales Services.

Customers can choose pay-per-use license packages starting from 50.000 to 1.000.000 job executions.

Pay-per-use licenses for JS7 Agents are valid in combination with a JS7 Controller perpetual/subscription license package.

Access to the SOS Ticket System for Standard Support, additional Support Options and After-sales Services.

Customers receive a license key that is active for the subscription period.

Access to the SOS Ticket System for Standard Support, Support Options and Services.


License and annual product maintenance fees are due for the first year.

In subsequent years annual maintenance is due.

Pre-paid job execution packages for JS7 Agents. Included with the package is the maintenance for JS7 Agents.

New packages can be purchased when needed, packages are valid for two years.

Payment in regular annual amounts, included with the fee is the use of license and support.

Switching from subscription to a perpetual license is possible within the first two years after initial purchase.