SOS offers a number of different license models for its products. Please refer to the relevant Products pages for information about the licenses that are available for individual products.

Open Source License

  • The majority of SOS products are licensed under the open source GNU GPL (General Public License).
  • Users with Open Source licenses benefit from free software and may use it free of charge.
  • Neither professional Services nor commercial Support are provided for users of Open Source licenses.
  • Users with Open Source licenses can ask for community support - for more information see our Community Resources.

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Commercial License

  • SOS grants customers who have purchased commercial licenses access to a wide range of Support Options and professional Services.
  • Customers with commercial licenses help us to finance on-going development from license revenues.
  • Customers benefit from on-going Product Maintenance ServiceSupport Options and Services such as TrainingImplementation and
  • Customers receive maintenance releases for longer periods - publicly available maintenance releases are provided for one year.
  • Customers can report issues on our SOS Ticket System, are guaranteed response times and receive immediate support in case of a production standstill.

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Freeware License

  • Individual products and optional Add-ons to SOS products, as indicated in our Add-on descriptions, are available with a freeware license model:
  • SOS grants a free of charge right of use.
  • Neither support and nor services are provided.
  • Warranty is not provided and liability will not be accepted.
  • For details see Freeware License Agreement

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Send us an e-mail to request information on licensing.