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You can try out JobScheduler with our online demo. This will provide you a quick understanding of JobScheduler's basic capabilities.


Contact the SOS to find out if JobScheduler fits your requirements. SOS offers a commercial service to implement use cases for a PoC.

When requesting an online demo you will receive a welcome e-mail that includes an invitation link and access data for the JobScheduler demo.

After clicking the link in the welcome e-mail, you will be presented the JobScheduler user interface, JOC Cockpit, for login. Use the account and password that you receive with the welcome e-mail.

After login you will be presented the initial dashboard view and can start jobs and check the job history and log files for monitoring and control of jobs. For further explanations see JobScheduler Online Demo

With the Proof of Concept service you evaluate whether JobScheduler fulfills the requirements for your IT environment.

We implement jobs and dependencies according to your use cases with your team. The scope of the Proof of Concept is determined by your requirements and includes to have a number of real-world jobs and job dependencies up and running.

Usually a Proof of Concept takes two to three business days and is provided on-site or as online service. The JobScheduler is installed on-premises or is provided from our Cloud Hosting Service.


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