Pre-sales Services

Pre-sales Services - free of charge

Online Product Demonstration

The online demonstration will give you a quick but comprehensive first overview about JobScheduler and YADE and the possibilities they can offer your company. We will present:

  • JobScheduler's user interfaces: the JOC Cockpit and the Object Editor (JOE).
  • Features such as job dependencies, file watching, database processing and features you are particularly interested in.

The online demonstration will be presented directly on your monitor using an online conferencing tool. The minimum requirements are an Internet connection, a web browser and microphone & loudspeakers or a telephone.

Send us an e-mail to request a demo.

Installation Assistance

We want our users to have a working environment in order to decide if our products fit their needs. You will get assistance from us if you run into problems when installing JobScheduler and YADE. Please note that this service is not intended as a substitute for setting up a complete scheduling environment and is focused on solving problems that occur during installation.

Send us an e-mail with your problem report or use our public forums.

Pre-sales Services - commercial


We enable our customers to make good choices right from the start. We take an active role in your requirements management, in elaborating use cases and we optimize your Business-IT Alignment. We guide your team to detect points of weakness within the company workflows and the implemented software solutions.

Alternatively we offer an all-round consulting service that is tailor-made for you:

  • development of concepts to optimize and automate process-oriented workflows
  • design an optimal Architecture, e.g. for high availability and performance  that fits your requirements and budget.
  • development of strategies for the integration of JobScheduler and YADE into your IT processes e.g. preparing your Service Desk and Application Management teams for a optimal sharing of tasks.

Send an e-mail if you are interested in our Consulting Service.

Proof of Concept

For a Proof of Concept we implement jobs and job dependencies according to your use cases. The scope of the Proof of Concept is determined by your individual requirements. Usually a Proof of Concept takes two to three days and is provided on site or as online service.

Send us an e-mail with your request for  information about a PoC.



For more information on product support see Support Options and Product Maintenance for commercial license holders.