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Select JobScheduler for a Project

Some good Reasons for using the JobScheduler in your project

Are you looking for automated cross-platform scheduling? Do you have to handle complex tasks for the automation of workflows and file transfer? Are you in the middle of a project and now something is needed to tie it all together?

JobScheduler will be the perfect choice for you as it integrates very well into any environment, is platform independent, can handle a large volume of jobs and tasks and can be implemented very quickly in companies of all sizes. In addition, it is a very economical solution that is extremely scalable and comes with enterprise level features and functionalities. Users that want to become commercial customers can choose from our very flexible licensing options.

What we can do for you:

Finding  solutions for complex scenarios is our speciality. Our services includes the planning of your workflow processes and job dependencies for a proof of concept and finally the implementation of your customized automation solution. Our teams bring their expertise to your project and help you design and implement for high availability and performance.

We are glad to arrange a tel-co or online demonstration to discuss your particular use cases in more detail.

Some frequently asked questions about JobScheduler

Question Answer
What restriction do I face concerning platforms?

The JobScheduler is available for a number of Platforms and therefore ideal for the integration in complex environments that span a multitude of operating systems and platforms. The JobScheduler Architecture works with the JobScheduler Master for Linux and Windows and the Universal Agent, which is platform independent.

Can I integrate JobScheduler with other Systems?

Yes this is possible. The JobScheduler can run any script or executable file from a command line and can be integrated by File Watching and Programming Interfaces

Will you support our Proof of Concept?

Yes we offer Pre-sales Services for a proof of concept. Customers under time pressure often skip the PoC and instead engage the SOS Team to implement the complex job dependencies for their project right away. This allows them to focus their capacities on other parts of their project.

How much time do I need?

The JobScheduler and its operating GUI the JOC Cockpit are freely available for Download. Integration into your project can be as short as one or two days or might take longer for more complex environments. The JobScheduler is highly flexible when it comes to project work and deadlines. Get in contact and let us know your use cases to receive an estimate.

Can I transfer of files with JobScheduler?

Yes, the JobScheduler includes YADE, our product for the automation of complex file transfer tasks. It can be used on its own or fully integrated with the JobScheduler.

Can we run jobs on a number of hosts?

Yes, JobScheduler brings the Universal Agent that can be used on any platform and allows jobs to be executed on any number of hosts.

Are jobs stored centrally?

All job-related configuration items are centrally managed with the JobScheduler Master and stored in XML files on disk.

Can jobs be triggered by incoming files?

Yes, this feature is useful to dynamically process large number of incoming files, e.g. upload transactions into a database, convert meta files to PDF format, convert image file formats, etc. The JobScheduler's File Watching feature simplifies business processes that should be triggered by file arrival.

Can parameters/variables be forwarded to executable scripts?

Global and local Parameters are available for all job types and allow passing them to the next job step.

Can jobs be configured to consider conditions for starting, e.g. predecessor jobs?

Yes, checks for Predecessor Jobs and Predecessor Job Chains are available per job.

Is the concept of a job stream available?

Yes, JobScheduler provides Job Chains for sequential and parallel processing of jobs.

Can I afford this tool?

Yes you can, the JobScheduler comes with a dual licensing model, meaning that interested parties can choose from very flexible licensing models with different sized license & support packages that allow companies of any size to use JobScheduler. Users of the Open Source License benefit from free software and may use it free of charge.