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New JOC Cockpit, JobScheduler Master & YADE 1.11.0 released

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 16:27
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Mar 15 2017 16:27


This 1.11.0 General Availability release brings the new browser-based JOC Cockpit GUI and web services, taking the JobScheduler to the forefront of enterprise Open Source workload automation tools.


Developed according to the principles of “Keeping things simple” and “Minimization of clicks”, the JOC Cockpit brings a modern, responsive user interface, near real-time information for operators and finely configurable authentication and authorization to Open Source job scheduling.

The JOC Cockpit completely replaces and extends the functions of the classic JOC interface and the JobScheduler Information Dashboard, JID, so that a single browser window is sufficient for carrying out all operator tasks - from monitoring jobs and job chains to checking logs from the history.

Main Features

Secure Architecture

The JOC Cockpit is installed separately to a JobScheduler Master. This separation of functions brings a better user experience for service operators and allows use of the JobScheduler in security-sensitive and critical networks: the JOC Cockpit can be operated in less restrictive network zones than the JobScheduler Master and Agents. For details see the Architecture and Technology article.

Responsive Design

The JOC Cockpit Web GUI can be accessed from any modern web browser – including those on tablets – and adjusts to the end user device. 

Near Real-Time Information

The JOC Cockpit's web interface is automatically updated in near real-time. This feature goes far beyond “Winning the war against the refresh button”: information push ensures that operators are immediately and actively informed of the important status changes, errors, etc. when they happen.

Adaptable and Configurable

System Administrators and Operators can adapt the information shown in the JOC Cockpit and configure their own filters to show what is most important for the tasks in hand. 

Authentication and Authorization

The authentication and authorization allows roles and permissions for functions in the GUI to be finely differentiated, for example, granting application managers access to job starting and stopping functions and limiting business users to a read-only role.

Authentication and authorization extends to the new JobScheduler REST Web Services. These have been developed to allow external applications to access the JobScheduler - a feature that up till now was provided by the JobScheduler's XML Interface.

Authentication can be performed against a directory service that is accessible via LDAP, such as an Active Directory.

Audit Log

A new compliance-conformant Audit Log of all operator interactions has also been introduced, providing a record of 'Who did what and when'.

See our JOC Cockpit Features article for a full list of the features introduced with the JOC Cockpit.


The JOC Cockpit is available for use under the same dual Open Source and Commercial licenses as the JobScheduler Master and all its features can be used with the Open Source license.

Further Information

  • As a starting point see JOC Cockpit User Interface page.
  • For detailed information see the JOC Cockpit documentation in the Product Knowledge Base.
  • For general information about the JobScheduler see the JobScheduler in a Nutshell page.
  • The classic JOC will continue to be delivered with the JobScheduler Master for 1.11.x releases and can be used for HTTP access to the Master.

JobScheduler Master, JobScheduler Universal Agent and YADE

Release 1.11 of the JobScheduler Master sees a number of changes to support the Web Services as well as minor improvements and bug-fixes. In total we have implemented over three hundred new features and bug-fixes.

A number of bug-fixes have been implemented in YADE, JOE and the Universal Agent.

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of all improvements and bug-fixes.

Please also take note of our Change Management information and, in particular, our Deprecation Announcements.

Download the JOC Cockpit and JobScheduler Master

Our Thanks

Once more we would like to give a big "thank you" to the community members and customers who were involved in acceptance testing and proposing usability improvements.