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Universal Agent

Platform independent Agent

The JS7 Agent is available in combination with the JS7 Controller. It supports advanced business and technical requirements. Enterprise customers benefit from easy deployment and the platform-independent capabilities of the JS7 Agent, particularly in complex environments spanning multiple platforms. More technical information is available from our Product Knowledge Base.

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Essential Enterprise Requirements made easy with the JS7 Agent

Longer Maintenance Periods

Enterprise customers benefit from longer life cycles  SOS introduced a Product Life Cycle which includes Long Term Support. The maintenance period (public maintenance releases for 1 year) covers additional 3 years for LTS releases.

Platform Coverage

The JS7 Agent is platform independent. The Agent can be operated on any platform and operating system that provides a Java Virtual Machine, for example:

  • cloud operation with Containers for Docker®, Kubernetes®, OpenShift® etc.
  • on premises operation for Windows®, Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®, macOS® etc.
Zero Configuration

The JS7 Agent requires zero configuration. All configuration items are managed by the JS7 JOC Cockpit. No database is used by the Agent. The JS7 JOC Cockpit manages the job inventory and job history with the database.

Easy Deployment

Quick and effortless installation of JS7 Agents to a larger number of platforms.

Central Operation

An unlimited number of JS7 Agent instances can be managed by a single JS7 Controller.

Features and Advantages


Job Execution

The JS7 Agent offers a larger number of job templates that ship with JS7 including templates for file handling, sending and receiving mail, processing database statements, running SSH jobs etc.
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File Watching

The JS7 Agent can be used to watch directories for incoming files and to trigger workflows to be started for each file.
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Communication and Security

The communication between the Controller and an Agent is bundled in a single HTTP connection. No additional ports or firewall settings are required. Connections can be secured by HTTPS based on certificates and can make use of TLS mutual authentication.
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The only prerequisite for operation of the JS7 Agent is a Java Virtual Machine.
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JS7 Agents can execute any number of parallel tasks. There are no hard limits, testing by SOS usually stops at 15 000 parallel tasks per Agent.
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