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After-sales Services

Our products meet your requirements but an important feature is missing? Our Feature Development Service is the solution. We have a proven record of delivering commissioned features for JobScheduler and YADE on time and within budget.

  • The customer describes the requirements for the desired feature to the SOS. Usually the SOS Ticket System is used at this stage.
  • The SOS checks the request and records the feature description in the Change Management System.

  • Initial training sessions include JS7 JobScheduler and YADE operation, installation and job management.
  • Expert level training sessions are provided for developers who use the JS7 JobScheduler and YADE REST Web Service API for individual applications.
  • Special interest training sessions are tailored on demand:

  • Development of individual jobs according to customer requirements in languages such as Shell Script, JavaScript and PowerShell and with DBMSs such as Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Implementation of complex job dependencies ensuring operational readiness, high-availability and redundancy for the customer's JS7 JobScheduler environment.

  • Planning the upgrade.
  • Compatibility check and identification of deprecated features and their replacements in newer product releases.
  • Improvement of existing job implementation for better performance.
  • Testing job dependencies.
  • Elaboration of a fall-back scenario.
  • Go-Live Support.

  • Active and passive clustering: optimal and resilient deployment strategies for JS7 JobScheduler and Agents, including measures for operational robustness.
  • Backup and fail-over management: sizing of target environments and failover capabilities in case of outages
  • High Availability and fault tolerance: Resilience and Redundancy provide high-availability of JS7 JobScheduler for a number of outage scenarios
  • Recovery Strategies, Disaster Recovery Planning and Connection for Controller and Agent.
  • Review of Jobs and dependencies