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Information Systems

Product Knowledge Base

The Product Knowledge Base provides extensive product information about the JS7 JobScheduler and YADE,
up to date information about releases, feature status and release dates and policies.

Change Management System

The Change Management System dashboards provide an overview of the status of product development for the JS7 JobScheduler and YADE and their components. System, Release Management and project-related dashboards are available. Customers with commercial licenses benefit from personalized dashboards showing their individual issues, tickets and requirements.


Frequently asked questions for JS7 JobScheduler and YADE products.

How To

Explanations, instructions and examples for the configuration of our products:

Ticket Systems

Ticket systems enable users to add bug reports and feature requests.
Customers with commercial licenses have access to the SOS Ticket System,
as well as individual service areas for bug reports, change requests and service requests.

Customers with Commercial Licenses:

Users of the Open Source License:

SourceForge Forums

The forums are maintained by the community. While the SOS is involved in the discussions, we have limited resources and may not answer every question in a timely manner.
You will receive answers most efficiently if you:

  • take the time to provide information on your environment and how you intend to use the product(s) and
  • check that you have formed your query as clearly as possible.

SourceForge Forum:


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