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Spotlight on: viamedici

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 16:14
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Dec 06 2012 16:14

Viamedici is one of the leading software companies for Enterprise Product Information Management (EPIM) and cross media communication. Their customers include a large number of international industrial firms that use EPIM as a central system for the administration and publication of their product information.

EPIM is used to feed, for example, online product catalogues, e-shops, tablet and smart phone catalogue apps and marketplaces and to generate printed documents such as catalogues, data sheets and flyers.

JobScheduler is used in this scenario to automate the extremely complex process chains around EPIM.

Viamedici's customers appreciate the process security, flexibility and monitoring transparency obtained with the use of JobScheduler.
Example uses are:

  • Bidirectional interfaces to ERP system that transfer data to and from PIM systems.
  • Bidirectional interfaces to Media Asset Management systems that transfer and receive media assets (pictures, graphics, video, audio, etc.) to and from EPIM.
  • Fully automatic generation of data sheets via an InDESIGN Server. The sheets are then directly transferred as PDFs to follow-on systems.
  • Automatic transfer of product information at regula intervals to Web Content Management systems, configurators, selectors and eShops.