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Spotlight on: Manta Media Inc.

Submitted by sos-admin on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 10:48
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Jan 22 2013 10:48

Manta Media Inc. has developed an online community for promoting and connecting small businesses. Their Web Hosting Developer Jerry Mindek has posted the following testimonial about JobScheduler on our SourceForge Reviews page.

"I have been using Job Scheduler for several years now in development, quality assurance and production environments. I find that it is a dependable and very capable scheduler."

"Here are some of the features that I find very valuable:

  1. The ability to create nested job chains. This enabled me to create a chain and use it in multiple workflows.
  2. The web interface is very thorough; it has views for all of the jobs, job chains, and orders. The web interface enables you to view a job/chain/order state, progress, and configuration. It enables you to see a log for a job, create an adhoc order, and much more.
  3. Creating the jobs, chains, and orders are easily done using the included job editor acc. are stored in XML, so it is easy to use a utility like sed to create variants of a job, chain, or an order.
  4. It connects to several databases such as Oracle and PostgreSQL. I have connected to both without issue.
  5. SOS responds well to bug and feature requests. The forums on SourceForge are active and monitored by SOS."

"If you are considering a job scheduling application, I highly suggest downloading and using Job Scheduler before trying the other open source and commercial products."

Our thanks to Manta Media and Jerry for allowing us to publish this testimonial.