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Product Knowledge Guides Launched

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 12:14
News Date and Time
Mar 31 2016 12:14

The Product Knowledge Guides take you through selected articles in our Product Knowledge Base, linking together the most important articles relevant to a number of key themes around JobScheduler.

We have over a thousand articles in our Product Knowledge Base and a wide range of users: we have designed the Knowledge Guides to better meet the needs of these users - experts and those getting started - and those of different professional groups - managers, engineers, developers and service operators.

The Guides link up 'cherry-picked' articles ranging from 'Getting Started' through to 'Job Development' with the aim of helping users get to know and implement our products more quickly and effectively.

We have also added a small Guide Navigation menu to assist users proceeding through a Guide and finding their way back to the Guide if they follow links to articles mentioned on guide pages.

The Guides are a new feature and we would appreciate feedback from users - about the form and content of the Guides, or about themes for future Guides. Send a mail to: