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New SOS GmbH Change Management System

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 03/19/2015 - 14:01
News Date and Time
Mar 19 2015 14:01

Work made easy: the new SOS GmbH Change Management (JIRA) gives you a full overview at all times.

Dashboard Interfaces: let you track the status of product development and releases. SOS provides a set of dashboards that allow users to track JobScheduler projects. Customers receive private dashboards that focus on issues related to their trouble tickets and change requests.

Track Issues: stay on top of information about upcoming releases, bug-fixes and feature requests.

Vote for Issues: your opinion matters! By voting for features that are important to you, you will confirm your effective user needs and advance this feature forward on the roadmap.

Feature Development: you have the option to fund the development of the features you want. This will advance your request to the front and give you a guaranteed release date.

We accept your feature requests; for a quote please send your requirements to: