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New: Secure Credential Store for JADE

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:00
News Date and Time
Apr 11 2014 00:00

We are pleased to announce that the next version of JADE (provisionally the end of May 2014) will provide a Credential Store, using Keepass db version 1.0, allowing JADE to access user credentials and other information saved securely in the store.

A "Secured way to store credentials" has been one of the most requested features for JADE amongst the feedback we have been getting, with users seeking a secure, manageable mechanism to store credentials such as name, password and encryption key.

This feature is also a response to the increased usage of JobScheduler and JADE together as a data exchange / data switch platform. A few years back data exchange was as simple as sending and receiving files from different hosts but with the increasing application complexity and number of file transfers of recent years, data exchange grown to become an IT specialization in itself. JADE was envisioned for such complex use cases and, in particular, for replacing home-grown FTP/SFTP scripts with a manageable solution that supports FTP/SFTP/FTPS/WebDAV/CIFS/UNC path protocols.

JADE will retrieve the required credentials from Credential Store at runtime and use them for all supported operations such as copy, move etc. Credential Store could also be used to store all supported JADE parameters along with the credentials. Credential Store (KeePass DB) itself can be secured using a password or a key file such as an SSH key (recommended) or, for higher security, with a password and key file. JADE with Credential Store will provide more security and ease of management for locally stored user credentials.

For more information please:
- see the Credential Store documentation
- contact our Sales team: sales [at]