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More Options to fit your needs: Additional Licensing

Submitted by sos-admin on Mon, 04/11/2016 - 22:48
News Date and Time
Apr 11 2016 22:48

Interested parties that wish to become customers now benefit from additional licensing models. Apart from perpetual licenses we now offer Pay-per-Use and Subscription licenses. Here is an overview on the licensing options:


  • Perpetual Licenses
    • Target Group: companies with a high volume of jobs to execute.
    • Payment Model: Licenses are purchased on the outset, in the following years only the cost of maintenance is due.
  • Pay-per-Use Licenses * NEW *
    • Target Group: Companies that want to use any number of Agents and execute few jobs per Agent. This model can be combined with perpetual licenses for designated high volume job servers.
    • Payment Model: pre-paid  job execution packages. Maintenance cost is included with the package.
  • Subscription Licenses * NEW *
    • Target Group: companies that want more flexibility or lower entry cost.
    • Payment Model: regular annual amounts. Maintenance cost is included with the subscription.

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