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MariaDB JDBC connector can now be used with JobScheduler

Submitted by sos-admin on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 12:15
News Date and Time
Jul 08 2013 12:15

With their release of version 1.1.3 of the MariaDB Java client library the MariaDB developers have removed the last hurdle for the use of their database connector with JobScheduler.

The MariaDB JDBC connector can be used to connect applications developed in Java to MariaDB and MySQL databases using the standard JDBC API and is licensed under the relatively permissive LGPL 2.1 license.

The use of the LGPL license for the MariaDB connector will allow us to include it in the JobScheduler installation file from version 1.5.x onwards, even though an installation may later be used with a commercial licence.

See the MariaDB developer's licence FAQ for more detailed information about the licensing of the connector.