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Last Planned Release of SOSFTP

Submitted by sos-admin on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:09
News Date and Time
Aug 18 2014 12:09

Release 1.7.4189 (July 2014) will be the last regular release of our managed file transfer application SOSFTP.
From now on we will only be updating JADE, which is the successor to SOSFTP.

We will continue to provide version support for release 1.7.4189 of SOSFTP to customers that have purchased support for SOSFTP until the end of July 2016.
See the following articles for more information – in particular about the advantages of using JADE instead of SOSFTP and about backwards compatibility of JADE with SOSFTP:
- JADE: SOSFTP Follow-Up
- What are the differences between JADE and SOSFTP?
- SOS Version Support
SOSFTP users wishing to purchase support during their changeover to JADE should get in touch with our sales department