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JobScheduler Universal Agent - Third Technical Preview Released

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 07/16/2015 - 19:44
News Date and Time
Jul 16 2015 19:44

The final technical preview of the new JobScheduler Universal Agent is now available, further extending the Agent's capabilities. The Agent provides platform-independent, zero-configuration job scheduling capabilities for remote servers.

Amongst the improvements is the addition of some important feature sets that bring the Agent well on its way to being ready for use in production environments:

  • File Watching - the Agent now has the full set of file monitoring capabilities of a Master JobScheduler.
    This means that the Agent can now be used to provide more comprehensive monitoring of files on remote servers than is possible with SSH.
    See the Remote File Watching feature description for detailed information.
  • JITL Jobs - the Agent can now execute all relevant File Operation and Job Handling JITL jobs.
    A full list of the jobs that the Agent can execute is available in the Agent's Tested Features Page.
  • HTTPS TunnelSecure HTTPS communication between JobScheduler Master and Agent with Proxy support
  • Windows Service: the Agent can be operated as a Windows Service

For more detailed information about the Agent and this Technical Preview see:

To download the new JobScheduler Universal Agent and get more information about Release Notes, Version Support etc. refer to:

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