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JobScheduler, Universal Agent and JADE 1.10 RC1 released

Submitted by sos-admin on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 20:18
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Sep 01 2015 20:18

Final steps towards a JobScheduler Milestone

This release is feature-complete and marks a last release before we make the production version 1.10.0 available in approx. two weeks.

The JobScheduler Universal Agent

The Universal Agent is a true multi-platform remote scheduling solution with zero configuration install and run. The Agent can be deployed on any system that supports a Java Virtual Machine 1.8 or newer.

Release 1.10 is the first full version of the Agent, whose most important features include:


Release 1.10 brings over 150 bug fixes and features


The most important JADE features in Release 1.10 are:

  • the JADE User Manual and Reference Documentation.
  • JADE is moving towards XML Configuration with the release of the XML Editor for file transfer operations. The Editor uses an XSD Schema to automatically suggest and validate configuration items and its use will bring a significant reduction in the time required to implement JADE managed file transfer operations. 

We have also fixed 66 issues in this release of JADE.


See the Release Notes for a detailed list of all improvements and bug-fixes.

Please also take note of our Change Management information and, in particular, our Deprecation Announcements.

Download JobScheduler:

Download JADE: