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JobScheduler, JOC Cockpit & YADE Version 1.13.9 released

Submitted by ap on Fri, 04/16/2021 - 00:17
News Date and Time
Apr 15 2021 18:00

We are pleased to announce the 1.13.9 maintenance release of the JobScheduler, JOC Cockpit and YADE

This release includes a number of bug-fixes, functional improvements and performance improvements for JobScheduler, the JOC Cockpit and YADE.


  • JOC-1093: Two-factor authentication with certificates for JOC Cockpit
  • JOC-1107: Changes to Job Streams API
  • JOC-1106: XML Editor - performance improvement
  • JOC-1098: Provide Import/export functionality for Job Streams from the API
  • YADE-574: YADE should support the -return-values parameter to forward the file transfer history to a Master/Controller


3rd Party Vulnerabilities

  • JOC-1085: Update jackson databind to due to 3rd party vulnerability issue CVE-2021-20190
  • YADE-572: Update poi 3.10-FINAL to 3.17 due to 3rd party vulnerability issue CVE-2017-12626


See the Release Notes for a detailed list of the features and bug-fixes.


Please also take note of our Change Management information.

Download the JobScheduler and JOC Cockpit:

Download YADE: