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JobScheduler, JOC Cockpit & YADE Version 1.12.10 released

Submitted by ap on Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:09
News Date and Time
Aug 15 2019 18:00

We are pleased to announce the 1.12.10 release of the JobScheduler, JOC Cockpit and YADE

This maintenance release brings a number of fixes and several new features to JobScheduler, the JOC Cockpit and YADE.


  • JOE-286: JOE should support Key Agent authentication for SFTP
  • JOC-706: Manage Agent Cluster configuration for file watching
  • JITL-534: JobScheduler Monitoring Interface - Send notifications for repeatedly failed job chain steps in JobScheduler releases starting from 1.12


  • This release includes fixes for vulnerabilities of the jackson component
  • SET-171: Update c3p0 to version due to vulnerability issues (CVE-2019-5427, CVE-2018-20433)
  • JOC-716: Update Jetty version to 9.4.18 due to vulnerability issues
  • JOC-728: Update Jackson Databind version to >= due to vulnerability issue (CVE-2019-14379, CVE-2019-14439)


  • JS-1853: "ERRNO-36: File name too long" occurs due to nested splits
  • JS-1845: For a large number of tasks JobScheduler Universal Agent throws an error - actor name [actor-name] is not unique 
  • JOC-710: "Show Daily Plain" for the order does not update when deleting/Updating the assigned Calendar
  • JITL-566: ConfigurationOrderMonitor shouldn't write task parameters into the order parameters 
  • JITL-558: SSH job should not try to open an SFTP channel

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of the features and bug-fixes.


Please also take note of our Change Management information.

Download the JobScheduler and JOC Cockpit:

Download YADE: