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JobScheduler & JADE Build Repositories Published

Submitted by sos-admin on Mon, 06/15/2015 - 12:46
News Date and Time
Jun 15 2015 12:46

In line with the Open Source nature of JobScheduler and JADE we have thoroughly revised the build process documentation for both applications and opened our repositories on GitHub. This represents a significant increase in the transparency of both projects and not only simplifies the processes for users wanting to build the applications on their own platforms but also simplifies code verification.

Follow the links to:

Further Information

An overview of the JobScheduler and JADE development can be found in the Feature Status and Release Information sections of our Product Knowledge Base.

Our release planning and the progress of individual issues can be followed in detail in our Change Management System, which is available for all users.

Build Support

Commercial License Holders

If you have purchased a Commercial License with the Service Request Support Option then the build process will be assisted by our Support Team should you face problems.

Open Source License Users

If you use the Open Source License then the build process will be supported by using our Community Resources. A forum for build issues is available at SourceForge.