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JobScheduler & JADE 1.6.4043 releases

Submitted by sos-admin on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 13:49
News Date and Time
Feb 18 2014 13:49

We are pleased to announce a new release for JobScheduler and JADE:
- 1.6.4043 is a release for JobScheduler which brings bugfixes and some new features. Whilst the new features are relatively minor, two of the bugfixes are important and we recommend that all users of version 1.6.4014 update to 1.6.4043.

The two important bugfixes are:

Suspended orders in distributed job chains:
JobScheduler crashes when a command is called for a suspended order in a distributed job chain. [JS-1093]

Changing order start times after they have run
Orders cannot be changed after they had run and a new next start time has been calculated. [JS-1094]

A full list of the new features and bugfixes in JobScheduler 1.6.4014 are listed in the [JobScheduler Change Log]

As we announced in our last News item, this release of JobScheduler is the first that requires Java 7. It will not work with Java 6.

We will be providing support for this release for two years.

Downloads for JobScheduler version 1.6.4043 are available from our JobScheduler download page.

The JADE client release 1.6.4043 can be downloaded from SourceForge and from our JADE download page.

Note that this release marks the end of support for JobScheduler and JADE versions (released 23.11.2011) or older. Note also that we have a summary of the end of support dates for recent JobScheduler and JADE releases in our Support and Services FAQ.
Commercial customers using versions 1.3.12. 1327 or older and wishing to continue their support are requested to contact

Follow the links to read the release notes for:
 - JobScheduler
 - JOE (JobScheduler Object Editor)
 - JID (JobScheduler Information Dashboard)
 - JITL (JobScheduler Integrated Template Library)
 - JADE (JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange)