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JobScheduler & JADE 1.5.4014 and 1.6.4014 releases

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 14:30
News Date and Time
Jan 17 2014 14:30

This week we have made two two releases for JobScheduler and one for JADE:
- 1.5.4014 was a bugfix release for JobScheduler and JADE with minor improvements
- 1.6.4014 is a release for JobScheduler which brings further bugfixes and new features in the JobScheduler kernel that considerably extend the number of JobSchedulers that can work together, for example in clusters.

We recommend that JobScheduler users update directly to version 1.6.4014.

The most important improvements with version 1.6.4014 of JobScheduler are:

Distributed order clusters:
A 'skip' or 'stop' setting for a distributed order job chain node will now be observed by all JobSchedulers in a cluster. [JS-1046]
Up till now such a setting would only apply for individual JobSchedulers in the cluster and meant that the setting would have to be made locally for all JobSchedulers in the cluster.

Supervisor / Workload JobSchedulers
Workload JobSchedulers no longer keep TCP/IP connections to their supervisors permanently open but open and close them as required. This means that the number of such connections is significantly reduced when a large number of Workload JobSchedulers are in operation. [JS-1053]

File handles
The number of file handles that a JobScheduler can have is no longer restricted to 1024.
This means that, for example, a single JobScheduler can open SSH connections to a large number of clients (> 1k) at once. [JS-1079]

We will be providing support for these releases for two years.

Downloads for the new JobScheduler version 1.6.4014 are available from our JobScheduler download page.

The JADE client release 1.5.4014 can be downloaded from SourceForge and from our JADE download page.

Note that these releases mark the end of support for JobScheduler and JADE versions (released 23.11.2011) or older. Note also that we have a summary of the end of support dates for recent JobScheduler and JADE releases in our Support and Services FAQ.
Commercial customers using versions 1.3.12. 1327 or older and wishing to continue their support are requested to contact

Follow the links to read the release notes for:
 - JobScheduler
 - JOE (JobScheduler Object Editor)
 - JID (JobScheduler Information Dashboard)
 - JITL (JobScheduler Integrated Template Library)
 - JADE (JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange)