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JobScheduler & JADE released

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 05/23/2013 - 18:25
News Date and Time
May 23 2013 18:25

Downloads for JobScheduler version are available at SourceForge and on our JobScheduler download page.

The JADE client release can be downloaded from SourceForge and on our JADE download page.

Support for these versions will be available for two years.

We are stopping support for JobScheduler and JADE versions or older with these releases. Commercial customers using versions or older and wishing to continue their support are requested to contact

These releases are a combination of improvements and bug fixes.

Follow the links to read the release notes for:
 - JobScheduler
 - JOE (JobScheduler Object Editor)
 - JID (JobScheduler Information Dashboard)
 - JITL (JobScheduler Integrated Template Library)
 - JADE (JobScheduler Advanced Data Exchange)