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JobScheduler Dashboard Released

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 07/26/2012 - 19:40
News Date and Time
Jul 26 2012 19:40

We are pleased to the release of JobScheduler Information Dashboard (JID): an application for the JobScheduler providing comfortable calendar, monitoring and reporting functions.

JID provides overviews of the jobs and orders that are planned or have been run along with information such as whether a job or order was completed without error. These work plans provide answers to the questions:

  • What should have run and what has actually run?
  • What will run in the next few days?

JID comes as part of the JobScheduler distribution and as a standalone package:

  • The standalone version should be of particular interest to monitoring and support personnel as it allows a range of tasks from initial problem analysis to reporting and controlling to be carried out separately from the JobScheduler operating interfaces.
  • The JobScheduler Operations Center (JOC) can be installed as a module in Dashboard to provide job operators with a comfortable interface for carrying out the majority of their every day scheduling tasks. Any number of JobSchedulers can be monitored and operated from within a single Dashboard interface.
  • The JobScheduler Object Editor (JOE) can be installed as a module in JID as well.

JID can be added to existing JobScheduler installations as part of a JobScheduler update.

We recommend that for more information you take a look at the JID documentation.

You can download the standalone JID version from our JobScheduler JobScheduler Downloads page, where you can also download the current JobScheduler version including JID.