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JobScheduler and YADE Version 1.9.10 released

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 14:41
News Date and Time
Mar 24 2016 14:41

We are pleased to announce the release of JobScheduler and YADE 1.9.10

This maintenance release fixes 24 issues in JobScheduler and YADE. A number of minor features have been added:

  • ​JOC-69: The task functions "terminate" and "terminate with timeout" are labeled with (Unix) in addition
  • JITL-282: JMS Integration with Message Service (ApacheMQ)
  • JITL-287: Make YADE JITL jobs capable of processing file order parameter

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of the bug-fixes and features.


Please take note of our Change Management information.

Download JobScheduler:

Download YADE: