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JobScheduler and YADE Version 1.10.5 released

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 09:29
News Date and Time
Jul 08 2016 09:29

We are pleased to announce the release of JobScheduler and YADE 1.10.5

This maintenance release brings 23 fixes and 19 important new features in JobScheduler and YADE:

  • The most important feature we have added is HTTPS including authentication between JobScheduler Master and Universal Agent.
  • We have also considerably extended the capabilities of the JobScheduler Master and Universal Agent in Windows environments:
    • Users can now control both Master and Agent from a PowerShell Command Line Interface. The CLI provides bulk operations for managing jobs, job chains, orders etc.
    • In addition, users can now let job scripts written in both PowerShell and VBScript be executed with Agents.


  • Support for HTTPS with Authentication
    • JS-1628: Add HTTPS Capability for Universal Agent, -ip-address= command line option replaced
    • JS-1631: Restrict Universal Agent access to authenticated users
    • JS-1632: JobScheduler Master authenticates itself with the Universal Agent
  • PowerShell CLI for Bulk Operations and Master/Agent Management
    • JS-1630: Add PowerShell Command Line Interface
    • JS-1630: Convert all Windows start and event scripts to PowerShell
  • Support for PowerShell Jobs
    • JS-1595: Add support to JobScheduler Agent for PowerShell scripting language for jobs and monitors
    • JS-1602: Add .NET / PowerShell Adapter for Windows
  • Support for VBScript Jobs
    • JS-1623: Add support for Windows Script Host (VBScript) scripting languages to Agent


  • JS-1641: JOC does not show folder view when running with Oracle in a cluster with more than 1000 distributed job chains
  • JS-1626: Universal Agent should stop if requested by the Windows service
  • YADE-413: Start script on Windows should work if you run it from any working directory 

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of the features and bug-fixes.


Please also take note of our Change Management information.

Download the JobScheduler:

Download YADE: