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JobScheduler and YADE Version 1.10.4 released

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 04/22/2016 - 20:00
News Date and Time
Apr 22 2016 20:00

We are pleased to announce the release of JobScheduler and YADE 1.10.4

This maintenance release brings 43 fixes and 22 minor features in JobScheduler and YADE:


  • JS-1600: Monitoring Interface is capable of routing Return Codes
  • JS-1609: JobScheduler can be built and run under Solaris
  • JS-1614: can be built for Unix systems
  • JS-1617: Idle timeout is set for HTTP connections between Master and Agent
  • JITL-192: Provide solution to use mail jobs with JobScheduler Universal Agent
  • JITL-189: Provide solution to use database jobs with JobScheduler Universal Agent
  • JITL-292: Enable JobSchedulerCleanupHistory job to be executed from the command line


  • JS-1598: Resuming an order in a distributed job chain with <modify_order suspend="false"> should continue that order
  • JS-1579: XML responses should be sanitized to provide valid XML
  • JS-1581: Agent shows error "Text file busy" when starting tasks
  • JITL-283: Reading speed of the parameters should be as before JITL-229

See the Release Notes for a detailed list of the features and bug-fixes.


Please take note of our Change Management information.

Download JobScheduler:

Download YADE: