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JobScheduler and JADE 1.8 RC 1 now available

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 12/19/2014 - 17:05
News Date and Time
Dec 19 2014 17:05

The first Release Candidates for version 1.8 of JobScheduler and the JADE Client are now available for download from our web site and from SourceForge (links at foot of article).

This is release candidate 1 with 63 issues (new features and bug-fixes) and represents another tremendous effort on the part of the Development Team.

The focus of this release is cluster support, with the aim of bringing cluster operations to the same functional level as workload instances. In particular, a JobScheduler Master can now switch between a number of Agents should one become unavailable.

This RC is not intended for use in production environments. It is feature complete but not yet fully tested. We are releasing it to the community now to get feedback from a wider range of users. Please try out this release and let us know of your experiences.
The final release of 1.8 will take place in the middle of January.

Download JobScheduler:
- SourceForge
- SOS Berlin

Download JADE:
- SourceForge
- SOS Berlin

For more detailed information please read our Release Notes.