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Job Dependency Diagram Generator for Control-M

Submitted by sos-admin on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 10:13
News Date and Time
Feb 15 2013 10:13

Our CTM2GraphViz graphical generator produces job dependency diagrams from the XML output from the Control-M ® exportDEFTABLE utility. The CTM2GraphViz generator should be of use to job developers requiring clear visualizations of Control-M job chains and networks.

CTM2GraphViz converts the Control-M exportDEFTABLE XML to the Graphviz format before calling Graphviz to generate the diagrams themselves. Graphviz then automatically produces an optimal layout, positioning diagram components so as to minimize crossovers and avoid overlapping.

A full example, complete with job dependency diagram, is included with the CTM2GraphViz documentation. CTM2GraphViz currently has beta status and can be downloaded from our web site. It can be used freely and is released under the GPL 2 license.
Graphviz can be downloaded from the Graphviz web site and is also free software.