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Japanese JobScheduler User Group at OSC2013 Tokyo/Fall

Submitted by sos-admin on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 15:49
News Date and Time
Sep 26 2013 15:49

Our main representative in Japan, Satoru Funai from OSS Labs is representing the JobScheduler Japanese User Group at the 2013 Tokyo/Fall Open Source Conference.

OSC2013 Tokyo/Fall will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 19-20, 2013. This conference is the largest of its type in Japan and takes twice(!) a year. The last one - OSC2013 Tokyo/Spring - had over 1,700 visitors in 2 days. Its sponsors include names such as AMD and Toshiba.

The group will be holding a session and there will be a JobScheduler Japanese User Group booth with a demonstration.

Entrance to the conference is free.

For further information please contact:
JobScheduler Japanese User Group