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Hackers in Posession of Thousands of FTP Passwords

Submitted by sos-admin on Mon, 04/07/2014 - 13:40
News Date and Time
Apr 07 2014 13:40

The PCWorld website reports that login information for some 7000 FTP sites is freely available in hacker forums. Among the sites that have already been affected is the New York Times. Citing an American security specialist, the article reveals that the login information includes complex passwords, indicating that it has been stolen and not simply guessed.

In light of the potential consequences that could result from such a security breach, we strongly recommend that all users of JobScheduler and JADE (our managed file transfer application) carrying out file transfer across the Internet by FTP at least change their password and consider upgrading their security policies.

Both JobScheduler and JADE support SFTP and SSH protocols as well as tunneling, all of which provide greater security than FTP. A changeover to one of these file transfer methods is generally straightforward but we are able to help commercial license holders if required. Please contact our sales department ( for more information.

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