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Chrome browser does not display JobScheduler / JADE interfaces

Submitted by sos-admin on Wed, 04/16/2014 - 16:02
News Date and Time
Apr 16 2014 16:02

JobScheduler's JOC and the JADE Background Service interfaces do not work with the latest version 34 of Google's Chrome browser.

JOC and the JADE Background Service interfaces are affected.

As Chrome is by default automatically updated to the latest version in the background, this issue will affect the majority of JobScheduler & JADE Chrome browser users. We recommend that users change to Firefox, at least until the next JobScheduler / JADE releases, which are planned for the end of May.

This issue results from Google's change in the way it handles XML HTTP request (i.e. Ajax) response documents. It is registered in our JIRA bug tracking system under JOC-6 and documented, for example, on Google's Chromium site. Consult that thread for news of a bugfix in Chrome.

HotFix: Please download browser_dependencies.js, copy it into the ./operation_gui directory and refresh JOC in the Chrome browser window.